pet sitting

About Rates

Rates include up to 2 same-home pets.

Minimum of one daily visit for cats / exotics.

Minimum of 3 daily visits for crated dogs.

The 10-minute service is limited to cats.

Arrival Times

Services offered within time blocks:

5:30am - 9:30am (morning)

10:30am - 3:30pm (mid-day)

5:30pm - 9:30pm (evenings)

Additional Fees

Add $2 for each extra pet.

Add $5 to reserve "set" arrival times.

Custom fees for shots / injections.

Custom fees for diapering / cleanup.

Custom fees for raw diet prep.

Holiday Rates

Busy periods are billed at time and a half: 

 Thanksgiving (November 18 - 27)

Winter Break (December 16 -28)

New Year's (December 28 - January 3)

Martin Luther King Day (January 16)

President's Day (February 16 - 21)

County Spring Break (April 2 - 8)


We offer a medley of pet sitting services and always do our best to customize schedules to fit pets' natural routines for care and companionship. All pet sitting services include feeding, cleaning litter, properly disposing of pet waste, administering oral medications, collecting mail and packages, curbing trash and recyclables, alternating lights and blinds, and watering indoor and outdoor plants.

pet sitting

10 mins $17
15 mins $20
20 mins $25

30 mins $30
45 mins $40
60 mins $50
90 mins $75