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dog walking


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gotta-go break

This 10-minute visit is ideal for puppies, seniors, and fast-footed pooches that just "gotta-go" while you're working. We do our best to cover a lot of ground, but time flies. Service limited to 2 pets that walk together like show dogs. 

$13 each*

Taking the dog for a walk

leg stretcher

This 15-minute visit offers dogs time to enjoy a decent leg stretch around the neighborhood and complete doggie duties. This is our most popular mid-day service and ideal for keeping dogs active, happy, and healthy all year round. 

$18 each*

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

standard walk

This 20-minute visit offers dogs time to do the happy dance and explore the great outdoors. We try to keep walks diverse and interesting so each day feels like a new adventure. We also reinforce their basic commands as we move along.

$23 each*

* Monthly commitments required for all dog walking services. Additional $3 (per walk) for each extra extra dog.

Arrival times vary day to day but are guaranteed within the mid-day hours of 10am - 2pm. Additional $5 (per walk) to reserve "set" arrival times.

You work hard to bring home the milk bones, and you can't always rush back during your lunch break to walk the dog. Let us help! We offer a variety of mid-day dog walking services Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:30am - 2:30pm.

Booking routine dog walking services is a great way to save extra "kibble" and guarantee space on our daily calendars, something we can all count on! Our exclusive dog walking rates feature built-in savings in exchange for a monthly commitment of Monday - Friday weekday walks.

Do you need more flexibility to book just a few walks from time to time? Booking as-needed is still an option. There is no minimum requirement, and you're free to book as you go. However, pet sitting rates apply. Please be mindful that space is limited and availability cannot be guaranteed.


puppy visits
(2x - 3x daily)

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