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"Once I took that first step, I never looked back."

Sara Bleu | Owner & Founder

 "My journey caring for animals started while growing up in the small town. As a child I had the joy and responsibility of tending to many pets: rabbits, hamsters, goats, doves, and ducklings (maybe a rock or two)! I adored our family dog, Snoopy, and "adopted" ALL the neighborhood cats to be part my Pet Posse. Patches, our family cat, was the leader. Naturally, my affinity with animals carried into my adult years, but it wasn't until 2007 that I considered a profession as a pet sitter. 


That year, I enrolled to study abroad in Spain for my last semester of college. In preparation for my long absence, I searched for an Atlanta-based pet sitter for my own fur babies Señor Juniper (an over-sized Chihuahua) and Luca Lupita (a sassy Miniature Pincher). Trying to find the right care for them was not just daunting but intimidating. Fortunately, my dogs enjoyed staying at my parents' country home that summer. What a relief!

But while in Europe, I considered the inevitability of one day having to hire a local pet sitter in the city, and I recall how awkward my search felt. My wheels started turning about what sort of pet sitter Atlanta needed 
one just like me! There, an ocean away, I developed a concept for city-based pet sitting company driven by a small-town attitude and a "pulling for the little guys" sensibility: be personable, be transparent, offer stellar care, offer a variety of unique services, and give pet owners the peace of mind they are looking for and deserve.


When I returned from my trip in August 2007, I founded "walks with bleu" and began offering mid-day dog walks only (thus the namesake). Once I took that first step (literally), I never looked back. But it was just a matter of time before my intimate circle of clients starting telling their friends and neighbors about the "walks with bleu" difference. Within the first year, I merged into a full-service pet sitting outfit so I could offer more families around-the-clock care for their pets.


Much has changed over the years, but our founding principles are still the driving force. Today we have a small crew and a few more "bells and whistles" to help us be interactive and automated. I am proud and honored to be part of my local communities and to be trusted to care for my neighbors' pets. I work, live, and play right here. Yes, this is a dream job that even my childhood self would be proud and eager to do."

Sara Bleu | Owner & Founder


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